Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yushu Here I Come

Plans are brewing, the date has been set. 2nd July I will be heading to Yushu. I do not know what is in store, where I will live, how I will cope both physically and emotionally when I next see Yushu.

To prepare for this trip, I am at the moment brewing Rose Roots (Hong Jing Tian) to consume daily for the next one month plus. This herb helps in both chi and blood circulation. It helps to keep our body in better condition thus aiding in minimizing altitude sickness. I cant say it will eliminate altitude sickness as some of my friends who went with me to Yushu last year were also on Rose Roots but they had some minor challenges with the thin air.

This year’s travel is made easy with the new airport in service. Last year I spent 18 hours on the road from Xining to Yushu. It was certainly a very arduous and perilous journey but, believe me, it was worth all the discomforts and anxieties (narrow, winding roads). The sceneries were breathtaking. Stretching out into the horizon were multitudes of mustard fields, green mountains on one stretch of road and black mountains on another stretch. All these were real and yet seemed so very unreal. It was like driving through some illustrations in a fairy tale book. For any first timers into Yushu I would strongly encourage them to take the road instead of flying into Yushu.

I will need to do a lot of homework before I go. I have to make sure I have many many camera batteries, all fully charged, because I may end up staying in tents with no electricity to do the charging. More than anything else I have to be prepared for the unprepared.


Lai SW said...

Keep body conditioned. Walk more stairs :)

InnerJourney said...

And also must keep the wallet supple becos it will either cost a bomb or burn a hole.