Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ajahn Brahm's Books

Good news folks! Ajahn Brahm's books have finally arrived and I was able to grab a couple of copies of both his books. If you have read my earlier posts A and B you will note that the titles of the books differ. I shall correspond the 2 books of different titles but they are the one and the same book. Folks believe me, if you are into meditation, do justice to yourself. Especially the book Happiness Through Meditation. They only cost less than RM60 each.


LaiSW said...

:-) thanks for the books. These books are practical books and what better than have a teacher who can show the way in simple language and without the dialectics (no PhD ia liberated at least none that i know of)

InnerJourney said...

my pleasure to share the goodness in life with you. enjoy

still waters run deep said...

Thanks for the tip on Ajahn Brahm's books. Appreciate your comments and I hope we can be friends. I am glad to find a new friend with similar interests into meditation, reiki and reading.

May we be happy and free from suffering.


InnerJourney said...

u may not be able to find the books at bookstore. its available at sukhi hotu. if u need can give u the phone number. read yr profile and hmmm we are a clan.
cheers friend