Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How To Make Rose Freshener

This rose freshener is ideal for leaving behind just a hint of fragrance, light and refreshing yet lingering

Ingredients :
1) RM5 of fresh rose petals (ask florist for unwanted peeled off rose petals. Try to get only the dark red as they are best for colours without using colouring)
2) 600 ml water
3) 100 ml vodka (buy the weaker grade since this is not for consumption)
4) Rose essential oil/fragrance (rose pure essential oil is difficult to find and it is very expensive. Fragrance oil can be used for this purpose)

Method :
1) Soak rose petals in mild detergent for 5 minutes to get rid of chemicals.
2) Rinse well
3) Boil water in heat resistant glass container. When water boils, put in rose petals
4) Cover and leave to stand for 2 hours
5) Add vodka
6) Add about 10 drops of rose essential/fragrance oil
7) Put into spray bottle

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