Saturday, August 30, 2008

Garbage Enzyme - Natural Home Antiseptic

Turn your kitchen wastes (fruits and vegetables) to valuable DIY cleaners and at the same time help recover ozone layer and lower global temperature.

Garbage enzyme is produced by the fermentation of kitchen wastes (fruits and vegetables) together with brown sugar and water. This process will release ozone gas (O3) which will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere and heavy metal that traps heat in the cloud. Hence heat can be released from the Earth, reducing greenhouse and global warming effects.

How To Make Garbage Enzyme
1. 1 part sugar
2. 3 parts fruit/vegetable dregs
3. 10 parts water

* Dilute sugar in water. Add in fruit/vegetable dregs
* Leave about a third of space in air tight plastic container for fermentation
* Close it tight
* During first month, open cap twice a day to release gas
* Push the floating garbage downward once in a while
* Place in cool ventilated area
* Ferment for 3 months before use

+ As natural herbicides, fertiliser and to improve quality of fruits
+ Floor cleaner
+ Dish washer
+ Air purifier
+ As far as your imagination can stretch

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delia said...

i would like to know how many parts of garbage enzyme and water to be used in cleaning floors and etc. I hope you will be able to help me. my address is

InnerJourney said...

hi delia
mopping floor - 30ml to a pail fo water
washing vege - 30ml to 1 liter water. soak vege in
you can use it clean practically anything in the hosue; toilet bowls, sinks, cabinets stove, watering plants, for your bath. have fun trying it out.

delia said...

i've just started to make garbage enzyme. Some people say can use rotten veges and the like and some say cannot. what is the correct one?

InnerJourney said...

hello delia. you can use practically anything from the kitchen except avoid meat and the likes of it as it will become very smelly. you can use peels of fruits or vege etc but for myself i use fruits only. i go to the local fruit seller and ask if i can buy their discarded fruits. normally they will gladly give them to you free of charge. and their fruits are not really rotten. fruits give you a very fragrant smell when you open the bottle cover. remember to open them daily for the first month. and use plastic bottle. have fun

Bee said...

I do alot of juicing and so would like to ask if I can include in the fruit fibres left over from juicing to make the garbage enzyme. Thank you.

Bee said...

I do alot of juicing and so would like to ask if I can include in the fruit fibres left over from juicing to make the garbage enzyme. Thank you.

InnerJourney said...

hi bee
yes u can add the fibre to make garbage enzyme. but anything that you add on daily or weekly, 3 months from the date of your add will be the maturity date of the garbage enzyme. and of course accordingly you will have to add in the ratio of brown sugar to whatever you have added in. easiest will be go to the local fruit seller. they will be glad that someone wants their rotten fruits. but the fruits are really not that rotten. they are just spoilt
have fun

Nazreen said...

Hello There,

I read your Garbage Enzyme post and it interest me since i'm in the process to do a research about enzymes and its purposes for my University end year project...

Basically, can you help me to list down the usage of garbage enzyme (more specific one) so i can narrow down my research since i can see there is a lot usage of it...

here is my

thank you~

Nazreen (UiTM Sarawak,Malaysia)

InnerJourney said...

Hi Nazreen

Here is the webpage for garbage enzyme

you can do a search by typing garbage enzyme and there are loads of articles which u will find useful.

All the best