Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Fruit Trees Drink Coffee - Not Joking !!!

See the tiny pot and the crystal ball

I am not very much of a flower person. Whatever remaining flowers I had in the garden were given away and instead I only have fruit trees in pots. My longan plant in a pot started bearing fruits when it was hardly 5 feet tall and after 5 years it is still bearing fruits though smaller in numbers. The mango tree has been giving us fruits year after year. In this family of "abundance" is a dukong (mix of duku-langsat) tree, some dragon fruit plants, cherry apple (apples the size slightly bigger than cherry tomatoes), soursop, lime, custard apple and a fig tree. I have given away a lemon plant which is hardly 2 feet tall bearing numerous big fruits, an egg plant about a foot tall with long whitish (not purplish) brinjals and a guava plant also about two feet tall with fruits that are so big that it almost toppled the plant.

This morning as I was doing my daily chores of watering the plants I saw, to my amazement, a tiny little fruit from the custard apple tree. This plant is a scrawny little plant in a little pot that has hardly any soil where it shares the same abode as the dukong tree which is also very soil deprived. Most of these plants are soil deprived simply because the plants have outgrown the pot and is filled with roots rather than soil.

But what makes them flower and bear fruits? I am at a lost too because I do not use fertilizers except for the free coffee powder from Starbucks. So my plants drink coffee too! Also notice the crystals sitting on the surface of the soil. For your information I also have crystals buried in the soil. So, is the the coffee or the crystals doing its job????

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