Friday, April 30, 2010

Updates from Minam Rinpoche - Xining

(Rinpoche's sister who perished in the quake)
Hong Kong entertainment industry is concerned about Norling Library. Hong Kong Film Director, Alan Mak and actor Mo Shaocong spoke with Rinpoche on the future of the people in Yushu. Rinpoche stressed that the immediate needs of the homeless people, the orphans and prayers for the deceased must be addressed with utmost priority. Rinpoche so far has personally come out with 300,000 yuan (excluding funds that are being sent) to buy tents, 215 solar energy system and also the basic necessities as in food and water.

Rinpoche has taken on the responsibility of looking after 20 orphans and he intends to build an orphanage - “Norling Orphanage”. He hopes that charitable organizations will join hands in this project.

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