Saturday, November 6, 2010

Diwali In India

5 November 2010

Today is Diwali. For lunch I cooked “lap cheong” (sausage) rice and the old time favourite, ABC soup. Our Tibetan friends came with Buff Momo (buffalo meat). Our lunch table crowd has grown from 5 in 2009 to 7 this year, with the addition of 2 new staff at the library. Most of the monks will have their lunch outdoor taking advantage of and basking in the warm sunlight on a cool afternoon.

The sweets (desserts) I bought from Kumar Sweet Shop was nothing short of being delicious. It kind of tastes the same but then again each piece tastes a tad different. I like the little green round ones the best. Not too sweet and not too milky too.

At Kulhan, the whole night, starting from around 7.00pm to way past midnight, was filled with colourful lights and thunderous sound from the fireworks and crackers. From my room looking towards hilltop Mussoorie, this honeymoon resort came alive with most abodes lighted up and fireworks displaying various colours in their outbursts.

Though I did not get into the bazaar I am sure it must have been filled with much gaiety and abundance as they welcome Lakshimi to bless their homes


Sukie said...

Hi Auntie Sandie!

Am just dropping by to say Hello!! I'm particularly fond of this Indian Sweet called Pera - it's white, round and rather milky! Take care in India! =)

Sukie xx

InnerJourney said...

Hi Sukie

Oh no! all these sweets in India are a BIG NO NO. It's really sweet and fattening. It took many of us to finish this box of goodies but I must admit it was really yummy especially the round light green ones. Not too sweet and just about right on the milky taste.
I am now back in Malaysia and am looking forward to another trip next year.

Catch u possibly next year, I suppose. Take care