Sunday, November 21, 2010

The old boat

Some 13 years ago I remember going on a “Cruise To Nowhere” around the Malaysian waters with a good friend, Mama Khoo. We had just returned from a 7 day power-packed Reiki Master Course/Energy Works in Melbourne. During the course I had observed that there were a mix of people. People who had been angry, frustrated, burnt-out, disappointed; all of those things that we experience on our path from time to time.

As we took out to the sea I saw many old boats at the harbour. Some had magnificent tall masts but some were just bare of anything. The sails of these old boats were torn, some covered with bird droppings but if you took a careful look you could see that these old boats had once been splendid.

I somehow relate our life to that of the boats. What is our role, our purpose or involvement in life. Our role is like that of a great ship – to get out on the sea and sail. To sail in dangerous waters as well as calm seas. To learn how to interact with the violence of the storms and not stay in the harbour.

How do we sail and move amongst people of the world? How do we grow and enrich ourselves and keep our purpose clear? How do we swim amongst the sharks and not get eaten? How do we stay happy in the midst of so much sufferings, grief and set backs?

Let me now clean up that old boat, put up the sails and take it out to sea and learn to sail – sail that journey of life. And may all Good Forces be with me

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