Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Only in India

With the new airport in operation we thought our ride from Indira Ghandi International Airport to the city will be a breeze, possibly with all the ring roads in place. After years of visiting India, I still have a story to tell.
As we notoriously weave through the roads in and around Delhi the mind numbing sounds of horns, grime and filth enveloped us. Unlike most cities in the world, the comedic road scenes in India fill many a traveler’s heart with memories that last a life time. Only in India can one witness buses, cars, auto-rickshaws, bicycles, motor bikes, tractors, horse drawn carts, ox carts towed by people, buffalo carts, elephants, cows, pigs, goats, dogs, pedestrians, camels and what have you, all on the same road. Hilarously you will see crowds of traffic dodging the cows while they arrogantly make their way across the street to the nearest garbage pile or standing in the middle of the road chewing on some yesterday’s papers.

Can you see the goat at the back of the car?

Only in India will you see the entrepreneur skill of man. It intrigued me when I saw a row of entrepreneurs along an overhead bridge near Manju Tilla (Majnu-ka-tilla), each with a bathroom weighing scale. Two of my friends stood on the scales and the charges for the two of them were 3 Indian Rupees (RM0.20). The ear cleaner, shoe polisher, barber, the street girls and boys, etc make up the rest of these entrepreneurs.

On our way down from Dehra Dun to Delhi our driver pulled by the side of the road and showed a sign which I took it that he wanted to make a phone call (showing his little finger with the thumb slightly protruding). The first thing that came to my mind was “Oh no, not again.” I thought he was pulling by the side of the road to call his friends for direction to Manju Tilla. I was cracking at the sides when my Tibetan friend told me that he wanted to have a pee. The next day at the airport I asked a security officer where can I find the washroom and seeing his confused look I decided to show him the little finger sign. He immediately lit up and pointed me to the “Ladies” sign. Only in India!

All said and done, I had another memorable stay. See you again India.

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