Monday, November 8, 2010

With gratitude

For the past one year, life was on a little merry go round.  You know, those horses that go on a light bounce, going in circles, meant for little children.  Yes, I was on that merry go round. 

From time to time, we all feel a little disappointed with our lives and perhaps the people in them. We start questioning our daily routines; a sense of loneliness touches our hearts, and we wonder what life is really all about. When you reach this point in your life, take a moment and forget about what has gone wrong before …. and start believing in what you really want today. It is by redirecting our lives that we can keep ourselves headed in the right direction, and it is by standing still that we allow time to just pass us by. It is looking at a sunrise or a sunset and appreciating its beauty that enables us to understand some of life’s mysteries. No two people see the world the same way, nor do they think or feel or even experience things around them with the same exact perception. Dont try to mold yourself or your life into a design that isn’t you; rather, paint your days with all the colours you so desire and enjoy the artwork that you alone can create.

Everyday I look around me and see people who have problems far greater than mine. Yet they confront life with a courageous and honest determination within themselves. It makes me stop and realise how small my worries are in comparison and how I should try much harder to be happy, tolerant, understanding and caring towards others. It encourages me to believe in my own abilities but most of all to be thankful for all I have every day of my life.

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