Wednesday, December 12, 2007

19 November 2007 Delhi-Gaya

How can anyone sleep in India. The excitement was bursting in me wanting to walk the familiar streets of this tibetan colony. I can't tell how many times I have visited this place but each time I set foot at this place, it is like a wonderland come alive to me. I guess no one will be able to feel what I feel as this really comes from within.

Went to visit old friends at the colony - Aunty Sikkim, Tenzin, Drikung Uncles and at the same time hope to bump into familiar faces.

Deepak was suppose to come at 11.30am. Cold sweat burst when he did not show up by 12.30pm. We were suppose to catch our train to Gaya at 2.10pm. He finally showed up and we were packed into 2 separate cars to go to the station. To sum it all, it was so chaotic that we almost missed our train by just a minute or two but it was an experience well remembered and all were laughing and talking about it on the train. Amy trying to break the "human train", Aunty Por and Aunty Ah Kook trying to get across the wooden cart and someone whacking Linda's bum hahahha.

That's why I always tell my friends that every visit to India is different from another.

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