Thursday, December 13, 2007

25 November 2007 - Kushinagar to Lumbini, Nepal

Morning went to visit Buddha's Mahaparinirvana Temple, then on to Matha Kuar and the surrounding temples. Lunch at Lotus Nikko Hotel. Lunch for a group of 14 cost INR4100 (RM400). A small bowl of soup cost RM8 and I had 3 bowls. They gave us the impression that it is limitless servings but for every bowl served, they charged us RM8. A night stay there cost around RM350 vs the one we stayed in RM150. So take note if you are travelling to that part - do not take more than 1 serving of soup hahahaha.

Left for Lumbini right after lunch. No problem at India/Nepal border except for a bribe of RM100 as I intentionally did not apply for visa for the group. The visa would have cost each person USD30 vs the RM100 for the 14 of us.

Massive jam at the other side of the border.

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