Friday, December 14, 2007

29 November 2007 - Dehra Dun

Arrived Dehra Dun around 10.00am. There was about an hour delay. We had our lunch at President Hotel. Just 3 doors away there was a McDonald. Yes yes yes!!!! Sue, Amy and Chan bought their burgers. And me too - I bought 2 vegetarian burgers and they tasted real good. Also bought some goodies ...... a packet of 'soh ta pang' (crackers) cost me INR85 (around RM8), a packet of Cadbury (INR120 - RM12), Marmite small bottle (RM15) etc etc. Aiyoh! the crackers ah made in Johore Bahru leh and it would have cost me around RM2.50 back home but what to do ..... sudah beli already. And without saying the choco would have cost around RM5 only.

After lunch we headed for Songtsen Library. Two to an apartment - a big clean room with bath with real good hot water & toilet, kitchenette and sitting hall.

Audience with Holiness at 3pm. Followed by H.E Thritsab Rinpoche, Togden Rinpoche and then Khenpos and Lamas etc. Whole day was spent visiting

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