Saturday, December 15, 2007

7 December 2007 - Delhi

The many times that I had been to India, I had always given Red Fort a miss. This time we made it there but I did not make it into the Fort as I was hijacked by some good shopping. Whilst the whole group went inside, Linda, Shawn and I chose to stay out as the outside interested us more than the inside. Ha ha ha. The irony was I stayed out to do some great shopping but ended up not buying anything. When the group came out after a hurried look around, they shopped till they dropped. Such good bargains. Don't believe me - go see for yourself.

We also went to Akshardam. Akshardam seemed different from the last time I visited. It had somehow lost some of its energies. It was so crowded and the souvenier shops were quite bare compared to year 2006.

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