Saturday, December 15, 2007

8 December 2007 - Delhi

While the group of 10 left for Agra in the wee wee hours of the morning (3.00am), the remaining 4 (Sue, Linda, LSW and SF) roamed the streets of Manju Tilla. Not that there was much roaming on that one street colony. We had an appointment with Thrangu Rinpoche at 9.00am. We got news that he was staying at White House and managed to secure an audience with him. How lucky.

Lunch appointment with Aunty Sikkim. Her husband came to pick Linda, LSW and myself at 12.00pm to her posh restaurant, 15 minutes away from our 'haunt'. She took great efforts to prepare lunch for us and when we were done we asked for the bill. No, it was on the house. We refused profusely and we paid her INR500 (not sure if that was sufficient to cover the bill as the meal was really elaborate). I was very touched by her generosity.

Her husband sent us back and we just lazed around till 6.00pm where we headed for the airport to meet the rest of the group who were returning from Agra.

It's home run!!!!!

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