Saturday, December 15, 2007

4 December 2007 - Dharamsala To Tsopema


Arrived Tsopema in the afternoon. Ontul Rinpoche was still away in USA and so was Ratna Rinpoche. We were whisked to our rooms, no hassle of registration hehehe. Linda, Shawn and I took a walk round the lake and as we passed Mandarava Cave we noticed it was still open. We peeped in and saw Ani-La. My karma has finally ripened as in all my previous trips I was never able to go into the cave as it was either closed for renovation or Ani-La was out. It was just three of us and Ani-La explained in great detail (in tibetan language ha ha ha) the story of Guru Rinpoche/Mandarava. She then quickly ushered us out asking us to circumambulate the lake before 8pm as she said after 8pm it will not be auspicious (with my little understading of tibetan or did I get the message right, I am not sure).

We haven't had such dinners for a long time. The food was great at the Drikung Cafe.

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