Friday, May 30, 2008

The Awakened Tree

As I sat at Lotus Restaurant, Damansara Jaya branch, this morning with a friend having breakfast I noticed the row of some 15 to 20 trees along the main road. It was around 8.00am and ALL the trees except for one were still 'asleep' with their leaves drooping downwards. At 8.00am one would expect the hustle and bustle of things and that even the trees were awake to a new morn.

What stood out most was that one tree that seemed to be awake with the branches reaching out and the green sparkling leaves with dew drops ready for the day. But why that just one tree, one would ask?

This tree happens to be sitting where a little shrine (La Tok Kong) has been erected. Many an evening I have seen people along that row of shophouses offering joss sticks and sometimes even flowers and fruits (maybe kena Magnum or Toto already). Does this come back to what energy works is all about? I suppose so.

Go take a look for yourself. All these are present in the midst of our lives and many a time we have all missed them out because we never took time to look around us.

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