Sunday, May 25, 2008

From A Babe To A Fine Lady

It was not her birthday but she gave no hoots about it. She blew off the candles with saliva and all. That must have been some 13 years or so and today is her 15 years of giving so much joy and love to her parents and to all around her.

I have watched the little one grow from mummy's rounded belly to the fine lady she is today. A perfectionist by kiasu instincts, a thoughtful and considerate babe by nature, a 'fighter' in her gentle ways and always generous in every way.

We celebrated Shawn's birthday at Pizza Uno. It had been years that we celebrated her birthday together. This again goes back to the 'stop and smell the roses'. It's all about finding time to do things with people you love and care about. I dont know how many more times I can do this with the children but if I can do it one more time each time, then its one more time to those times.

Happy Birthday Shawn!!!! You have allowed Kai Mah to add that one more time.


Shawn said...

Happy Birthday Kai-ma! Thank you for the wonderful cake. Thanks to Carol che-che, Raymond ko-ko and Ryan too for celebrating my birthday with me!! Enjoy your day!!

InnerJourney said...

Thanks Shawn for allowing us to celebrate with you. hehehehe.