Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You Can See Angels

You know that angels are near when ...

* You FEEL the angels' presence. Perhaps you feel a warm brush across your face, shoulders, hands or arms. You might feel their hug, or the brush of a wing across your skin. The air pressure changes when angels enter a room. It is as if a big white cloud has just rolled in to shield you from the heat. The room temperature may seem to shift, or you might catch a whiff of a beautiful lifting fragrance that you can't quite identify. When the angels hug you, you feel a deep warmth flow through your chest and your heart expands with unearthly love.

* You SEE the angels' presence. The calling cards of angels are visible. A sparkle of white light out of the corner of your eyes signals that an angel is near. A glowing shadow moving so fast that you wonder if its your imagination is another signal. A dream visitation, and the beautiful angels you see in a darkened room, or standing beside a beloved friend, confirm that the angelic kingdom visits you.

* You HEAR the angels' presence. A loving whisper in your ear that urges you to improve your life. Or an unmistakable shout warning you to "Watch out!" A voice inside your mind counseling you to reach for the stars, and the sweet strains of music coming from out of nowhere, these are the sounds that angels make.

* You KNOW the angels' presence. When you suddenly get an idea that dramatically transforms your life, an angel has just delivered a message and tucked it safely within your heart. When you have an unmistakable knowingness that angels are near to you, trust that it is so.

* You EXPERIENCE the angels' presence. When they miraculously avert a near-tragedy, or an opportune door "coincidentally" opens for you at just the right moment, you know that angels are helping you in the background. When you walk through nature and feel free and joy-filled, you can be sure that angels walk beside you along the way

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