Monday, May 12, 2008

Born Again Driver

After having not driven for more than one and a half decade I wanted to take the car for a spin this afternoon. First thing first, unlock the car and open up all the doors to allow the heat to escape. Start the engine and on the air con. Wow! I could still remember these basics. After a minute or two, I got into the driver's seat, adjusted the seat and mirrors and .... and .... was in the process of engaging the gear when i looked right and left at the side mirrors. Oh NO!!! I dont think I can get out of the tight spot. Sigh! I slowly got out of the car smiling to myself. I am going to sms my daughter to tell her of my achievement for the day and to request that she reparks the car tonight with the front of the car facing out at the porch and not by the side of the garden so that I dont have to reverse and at the same time looking at side mirrors and .... too many things to concentrate on for a 'born again' driver.

So here I am at my computer since my driving spin is aborted.

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