Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Drinking Fruit Juice Is Good For Us, Or So We Thought!!

The universal health advice - drink your juices, it's good for you. But research has shown otherwise for people who are on medication such as antibiotics and those on drugs for cancer, heart conditions and high blood pressure.

If drinking juices hinders the drugs from entering the bloodstream, will pill popping of vitamins have that same effect? Can anyone out there advise what is there that we can consume safely these days. The vegetables and fruits are pesticide infested (some even question how organic is organic), chickens, pigs, cows are all hormone packed, the seas are polluted so fishes and seafood are also taboos.

After reading thru to the last line, some consolation prevails. You can still take your juice - 4 hours apart from your medication. To be on the safe side, not barring whether it's proven or not, just take heed of the advice.


yung . said...

I usually drink juice early in the morning with my empty stomach, for detox purpose..

InnerJourney said...

yep, i suppose for ppl not under medication, that's the best we can give our body.

LaiSW said...

ON this note, I learnt that if anyone is on the anti-coagulant drug warfarin (coumedin), then they have to be careful with those dark green vegetables which contain Vitamin K. Vitamin K in fruits and vegetables acts against the drug as they aid in clotting.