Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making Enzyme Workshop

Day 1 Enzyme

Day 3 Enzyme

The more I speak to people about making enzymes, the more I worry over the little knowledge people has and instead of improving their health in consuming their own home made enzyme, it can actually do more harm. There are some books on the shelves on DIY enzymes. Because of the lack of workshops being conducted (especially in English), many people go pick up a copy of this bi-lingual DIY Enzyme and start experimenting on their own.

As I focus my energies on enzyme I had the good fortune of doing an enzyme workshop in English. As the facilitator simply puts it "my English is klik klak" but it's her store house of knowledge on enzymes that really matters. Apart from making enzymes she shared with the 30-40 participants on the holistic approach to good health and happiness.

The workshop touched on the following :
1. Drinking Enzymes - different usage (drinking, cooking, washing vegetables and fruits, boiling soup etc etc)
2. Garbage Enzymes - different usage
3. Simple effective exercises to rid simple ailments such as backaches, neck pains, for bowel movement
4. Recipes : Alkaline water, Liver detox, Rice Mill, Korean Kimchi
5. Many many more invaluable tips

Anyone keen to know more on any of the above, drop me a line


molly said...

I was caught by the word Enzyme.
I am making enzyme also, but mine dont have the bubble like yours, something is wrong somewhere. I better check.
I will put a link to your blog, hope you dont mind.

InnerJourney said...

hi molly
i have given you a reply to your hotmail account
all the best

molly said...


Anonymous said...


I'm from Singapore.
Was thinking of doing the DIY enzyme for drinking.
However, cannot find any recipe books in SG on it.
Dunno whether will it do more harm than good.
excerpts :
The more I speak to people about making enzymes, the more I worry over the little knowledge people has and instead of improving their health in consuming their own home made enzyme, it can actually do more harm.
// ha ha... i think the above will be applicable.

Any advise or recipes to share ?

My email :

InnerJourney said...

hi jenny, the excerpt is only applicable if the enzyme is not done according to the recipe and time frame. i have give you a reply to your gmail.

nelson said...

HI Jenny,

My name is Sophie. I live in Canada. Can you plese give me more information about making fruit enzymes for human consumption. I have a lot of apples, plums, grapes, qinces, cheeries and other.

Is it true that enzymes can help to enrich the land?

Thank you.

InnerJourney said...

hi sophie, if you wish to have the recipe to make enzyme, give me your email address. yes, enzymes can enrich the land and environment

kinboon said...

After read this, I am indeed interest on make enzyme. Please send more info to me. My email is

Hung said...

I heard about the healthy effect of drinking enzyme and would like to try making the enzyme. Wish to get the recipe from u. Besides, I hope to know more regarding different usage of the enzyme (drinking, cooking, washing vegetables and fruits, boiling soup etc etc). Hope u can email the info to
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

I'm Lee

Do you mind to share with me the trick or recipe of your enzyme making.

Thanks in advance
my email

InnerJourney said...

hi lee, you can get the recipe from my other blog at I have problem accessing the permalink for the article but you can just browse through the site to get the recipe. If you have any doubts or queries, do drop me a comment on cherishwellness blog.

Creativity'sUglyCousin said...

I would like to know more about enzymes overall. There uses about both home and body. The safety standards in home brewing and any recipes or books you might suggest. Thanks so much, Tiffany

InnerJourney said...

Hi Tiffany, I cant recomemend any enzyme books as I am very against those recipes they provide. Most, if not all of them, teach you to culture enzyme for a week or two and they are ready for consumption. For the recipe on culturing enzyme you can visit

Anonymous said...

Nice fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

mirage said...


i came to know about the wonder of drinking enzyme lately but i do not know the actual effect for it & how much can a person consume per day.and what if it has over consume & what is the consequences? if possible could share some recipe on enzyme making.

my email:

InnerJourney said...

hi, thanks for your enquiry. I have replied directly to your email address.

The recipe can be found at

Have fun

Michelle said...

Hi, I am interested in making my own drinking enzyme. Can you please send me more information about making fruit enzymes.

My email is

Thanks and hope to hear from you.