Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Lighter Side Of Meditation

Many people are afraid of this big word "meditation" when in fact it is an easy and small feat to practise daily. Maybe it's the harshness of some buddhist meditation retreats or maybe simply they have not found the way.

This meditaiton exercise below takes about 15 to 20 minutes or even an hour; depending how long you wish to smile ):. Even children are able to follow through and feel good at the end of it. This is especially great for people who feels that at every turn of the road they come against great walls and huge humps and life is nothing but a heap of waste. Bring the smile onto your face and you will be amazed that life is not that harsh any more. It melts the hardest steel!

Breathe in deeply, allowing room for fresh air, life energy, love and smiles to come into every cell of your body and into the blood stream.

Breathe out deeply, exhaling negative emotions, hatred, anger and all your worries and troubles.

Relax completely. Starting with your feet roam your whole body, releasing tensions, worries and stress.

Now think of a happy event. The happy moments of your life. It can be with the one you love or just simply being alone, walking along the beach, lying in the greenfields or just watching the stars at night. You feel happy, you feel loved. You are smiling, smiling all around you

Very slowly extend this smile to your third eye. Your third eye sees what is beyond. It sees the beauty in all. Yes, your third eye is now smiling.

This smile travels down to your left eye and to your right eye. Your eyes are smiling. Smiling to all u meet. Smiling to all you see.

The smile flows to your left ear and goes thru to the right ear. Beautiful soothing music fills your ears. They are delighted. They are smiling to one another.

Allow the smile to seep thru to your nose. The fragrance of rose fills the air. It is so intoxicating. The nose breathe in the sweet smelling fragrance and breathe out smile after smile

This sweet smelling smile now fills your mouth. Your teeth, your tongue, your saliva feels refreshed. Sweet loving words now flows out of your mouth. It spreads to your lips. Your lips are smiling. Smiling to every living creature.

This smile continues to flow from the mouth to the lungs. Your lungs feel light and gay and are bouncing with joy. They are exchanging smiles.

The smile now reaches the heart. It is flooding the heart with love, gratitude, kindness, peace, smiles and more smiles. It is expressing words of love.

Remain in this state of smile. Stay with the smile, be one with the smile

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