Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chicken Drumstick With Bacon - YES IT ROCKS

Remember the recipe of the chicken drumstick wrapped with a piece of bacon? I made a slight change to the original recipe. Instead of marinating it with just salt and pepper, I did it with light soy sauce, fresh ginger juice and pepper and I allowed it to sit for almost 3 hours. Just before grilling it, I wrapped that piece of bacon round it and put it on a metal plate. Grilled it for about 30 minutes. The plate is to collect all the juice from the chicken and bacon and you can take the juice with your rice. Believe me, its realllllly yummy.

Thank you Silent Whisper for the great recipe

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yung . said...

Don't mention.. Good things are meant to be shared around =] Glad that you enjoyed it. Maybe I should try marinating for some time first before I start grilling it.