Friday, August 28, 2009

Michael Jackson Impersonator At 2

Ryan singing "I Love You" and he suddenly realised he got the lyrics wrong and he remarked "sing wrong already"
Michael Jackson impersonator
Ryan praying

Pooh Bear Jelly Birthday Cake

Ryan has brought lots of joy to all of us. He play acts all sorts of roles - from a doctor to a chef, impersonator of Michael Jackson (he will belt out my favourite song "Heal the world"). He sings his much loved Barney song "I Love You" daily, hugging everyone in that process. He instills and reinforces caring and sharing amongst everybody; from family members to friends, baby sitters and even strangers at shopping malls, restaurants, everywhere. He can chat up any adult but finds it a little tough going with children his age. He entertains the whole neighbourhood with his nursery rhymes in the evening and will not fail to call out to our neighbours just to say HI.
Ryan's nanny and her husband

Ryan with God-ma and God-pa

This year Ryan's birthday celebration was a relatively quiet affair compared to last year where we invited some 30 people. But all the same it was a very meaningful day for all of us. Ryan's nanny and "panny" (nanny's husband ha ha) joined us on this auspicious occasion. Only the 'elite' were invited.

Ryan's biggest fan of all

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