Friday, August 7, 2009

UPDATE - Various Types Of Toilets

These are just a few toilet scenes I managed to take. Some of them were so terribly unbearable that no amount of medicated oil rubbed on the nose will take the stench away. Most of the toilets do not even have the partition that you see in this picture below. In Rome do what the Romans do ....... in Tibet do what the Tibetans do

Never look beneath ...... never look under


Salameander said...

I doubt I'll complain about our Malaysian toilets for a while yet! :p

InnerJourney said...

was somewhat embarrasing as i threw up twice using their toilets. and we lose all modesty as there are no doors and 2 to 3 people can be squatting together, some doing a big job too. many a time i chose to use the wilderness than to use the toilets