Monday, August 3, 2009

UPDATE - Yellow Fish In Xining, Qinghai

Yellow Fish
Authorities checking on the restaurant

Dont underestimate this plate of scrawny fishes. Its orginal priice was about CNY400 but when we voiced our views on the price, they gladly brought the price down to about CNY280 per plate. This is no ordinary fish though it tasted nothing great to me. It is called the yellow fish, well famed for its sweetness and rareness in Qinghai. It takes 12 years to grow to that size in the picture and I believe it is some kind of a protected species.
Immediately after lunch, standing at the doorway of the restaurant, I saw people running helter skelter. I enquired what was the commotion all about and one kitchen staff had just enough time to stop to tell me that the authorities are here to check if they are selling yellow fish on their menu and they are scurrying to hide all the fishes they have. At least 3 of them were running in different directions carrying with them containers of the yellow fish, taken out from the freezers.
Wild vegetables. Highly recommended


Anonymous said...

This dish should cost about thirty RMB. The uncooked in a market in Xining could be bought for about fifteen RMB. Looks like you were at a tourist place where they are highly skilled in ripping off people.

InnerJourney said...

well, i suppose we were ripped off. but we were given 3 fishes. if u ask if i would eat that fish again - answer is NO.