Tuesday, August 25, 2009

People Thrive On Excitement

It is only 3.00pm and it had been an exciting day. And this year of course is also an exciting year. I was here and there and everywhere during the early and middle part of the year and just returned from Tibet this month and in another 2 months I will be away in India and Nepal. And today I am booking my flight to Tibet again in July 2010. And and .... something has been lined up for a birthday do too. Isn't that exciting. Oh, how people thrive on excitement. What do one expect of someone in his or her twilight years? Sitting on a rocking chair with her knitting gears? Or holding an alarm clock pacing up and down watching time for the children to get back home from work to have their company (that's what my dad did when he lived well through his prime years and had no surviving friends)?

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