Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Way You Treat Animals Determines Your Character

I had a good field day yesterday sitting at a cafe with my little netbook, some snacks and a glass of ribena lychee, watchig the world go by. On one side of the cafe is a Dim-sum restaurant and on the other side is a veterinary clinic.

You see many a pet lover (need not be an animal lover) carrying their precious little one into the vet, probably to be attended to by the vet doctor for some ailments or for boarding (pet's hotel) or just to pick up some pet food/supplements or toileteries. And from the dim-sum restaurant are strays of cats and a little pup. A couple left the vet with their pup in a carrier. Their car was parked right in front of the cafe so I had the best view of what was to happen. The stray pup got in their way, probably wanting a little attention. And the guy actually kicked the stray pup right in the abdomen and the poor pup ran off whining hard. Is he an animal or pet lover? The lady on the other hand is a direct opposite of that human chauvanist. He was heavily reprimanded and the lady went to the side lane to look for the injured pup. Is she an animal lover or pet lover?

I think these actions speak volume of a person's character. They fail to realise that animals are very much like human beings. They deserve love, care, understanding - all the things that we human beings need. But why do they fail to realise - is it because they also are of "animalistic" nature? But animals can be so very human. Like my neighbour's cat, our own 3 cats. I am sure many of us have heard this before "you are worst than an animal". What a confused world!!


lazyclouds said...

Once again your sharp observation has scored another point.

I remember as a young boy, one of my friends who goes to a chinese school pointed out to me the play of words. It goes like this, "which is worse? you are not human or you look like a human."

InnerJourney said...

i suppose it's not so much of sharp observation. call me an animal lover hehe