Thursday, April 22, 2010

Minam Rinpoche's Pledge

The quake came, showed its vicious strength and left. It left many homes devastated, claimed many lives and created many orphans. It will never be the same again for all the Yushu-ians.

Today Minam Rinpoche is in Xining town, a 12-15 hour drive from Yushu. He has gone there to withdraw the funds that has been sent by Ms Seetoh from Johore Bahru and myself. He leaves for homeless home in Yushu tomorrow.

He suddenly found himself as a "father" to 20 orphaned children. He has pledged to take them under his wing, providing them accommodation, food, education, personal needs, care and whatever their needs may be. Rinpoche himself now has no roof over his head and is living in tents alongside with his fellow mates. Does your heart cringe?

Rinpoche intends to distribute the money he received to the people of Yushu so as to enable them to buy food, clothing, necessities. Money will also be spent to do pujas for those who perished. Rinpoche said it is very important that pujas be held for the deceased.


Marcus said...

Glad that the money you and friends raised will go some way to help the needy. Thumbs up!

InnerJourney said...

You mean the money ALL of us raised :)