Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yushu Earthquake - Before & After

BEFORE : Yushu town

AFTER : Yushu Town

BEFORE : Overlooking Jiegu through the Chortens of the Ga Kye Gu Monastery, a popular place of worship for Jiegu's Tibetan community

AFTER: Tibetan monks are helping with the relief efforts.

BEFORE: Gesar Square on Jiegu's main street

AFTER: Gesar Square is now being used as a quake relief camp for survivors.

BEFORE: Woman sitting outside the markets on Jiegu's main road amid Tibetan mastiffs collars displayed for sale on the motorcycle handles.

AFTER: A roadblock stops motorcyclists in Jiegu in anticipation of Hu Jintao's visit on April 18, 2010.
BEFORE: The winged horse symbolizes things beautiful and wild celebrated in the horse festivals of the Khampa for which this town is famous. This statue still stands but the buildings around this major intersection are mostly gone.

AFTER: The building still standing in the upper left hand corner of this photo can be seen in in the previous photo of the township.

BEFORE: Pilgrims would spin prayer wheels, click rossaries, recite mantras, and add stones carved with prayers as they circumambulate the Jiana Mani temple, also known as the world's largest Mani stone pile.

AFTER: The Mani stones still remain, but the atmosphere is decidedly different.

BEFORE: Kids take a break from holy circumambulations for a fairy floss break amidst painted mani stones.

AFTER: Hunger is now a problem for the children

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Lai SW said...

Thanks for providing these shots. The smiles will come back to the faces of the Yushu-ians, that I believe. Let's also offer prayers for those who perished. May they gain a good station.