Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yushu Earthquake -Darkness, the darkest hour

Everyday as night falls I go about like a zombie. My heart aches and reaches the people in Yushu as they prepare for another bitter cold night. Our friends in Yushu are brazing the cold at night and here as we lay in bed, we turn on our air conditioner and at the same time cuddle up in our warm duvet. Isn't that an irony?

Many people have responded to this urgent cry but many are still nonchalant to this situation. It is made more sorrowful when you hear friends talking about this unfortunate event as a great conversational topic and disdaining others of their empathy for the people of Yushu.

I can no longer be a judge of who is what, as I wrap myself in spreading the plight of the Yushu-ians.


Marcus said...

Heartaches may weigh and tears may choke but do not let up.

Shoulder up what we can. Others may disdain but if someone gets a warm blanket through such efforts..that's what matters.

Indifference is bred and numbed by news overload. Not all see the pain or feel the cold as you do.

One or two may post on forums questioning the motives of those who rally to those in need. Very likely they are the ones who stand with folded arms.

Few know that fund raisers like yourself contribute effort, time and money.

May all be well and happy!

InnerJourney said...

Thanks Marcus for just knowing, just feeling. Tears may flow, heart may ache but my journey with the ppl of Yushu continues. Hand in hand we stand! All across the land ....