Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RHB Bank, Damansara Jaya Branch - Thank You For Helping The Yushu Earthquake Victims

Yesterday (19 April) morning I was at RHB Bank, Damansara Jaya to send the first batch of money to Minam Rinpoche for the Yushu Earthquake victims. Since Rinpoche has requested that I send by Western Union, I enquired on the commission that the bank charges and found that it was too exhorbitantly high. For RM20,000 the charge is around RM880 so for RM40,000 I will have to pay RM1700 plus. They advised me to send by TT which will take 2 days to reach.

I filled in the necessary forms and submitted it to the person attending to me. In less than 10 minutes everything was done. Left the bank with the carbon copy of the TT form. Whilst in the car, I took out the carbon copy form and tears filled my eyes. RHB has given me a special rate. Because of that the people of Yushu will have more money. Thank you RHB Bank !!!!!!

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