Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Universal Laws

Law Of Abundance
In this universe there is no scarcity. Every element that exists will always exist. There is no limit to the resources of the human mind and soul. Only humankind creates lack.
Law Of Infinity
Everything exists in infinity, therefore what you need can be created with your thoughts without taking from others. What you manifest may come from dimensions of time and space that you cannot perceive of at present.

Law Of Limitations
There is no such thing as a limited income, only a limited outlook. Abundance comes in many forms and by several unexpected means.

Law Of Vacuum
The Universe abhors a vacuum. Whenever you make a space, it will create a motion to flow inwards. Make room for abundance and put out positive attractive thoughts.

Law Of Giving
To receive abundance, you must first be prepared to be generous but with wisdom.
Law Of Receiving
In order to receive, you must open yourself to the bounty of the universe. You must also allow others to make way for abundance in their own lives by giving to you.

Law Of Tithing
In giving something away, you create room in your life for new abundance to flow in. Give away your time, energy, knowledge out of unconditional love to create a space for abundance to return to you.


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